Maintenance – maximum uptime
at the lowest cost.

Asset uptime is essential due to the fact that transmission, distribution and production are the lifeblood of the utility business. Utility-Consultants are supporting integrated asset operations and maintenance processes keeping assets running optimally by inspecting power lines/power poles during operation.
It is not only the copter
it´s the whole process behind.

Utility-Consultants advice management and execution of all integrated maintenance processes. These processes include preventative, routine and turnaround maintenance in full integration with procurement, MRP, controlling as well as financial accounting performed mostly in our utility customers (ERP-)SAP Systems.
Maintenance as a
strategic discipline.

Utility-Consultants enable utility companies implementing regular preventive and condition-based maintenance, as well as engineering projects targeting minimizing downtime and control maintenance costs. Utility providers are able managing asset and maintenance as a strategic discipline that helps ensuring maximum uptime at the lowest costs.