Knowing deeply the nervous system
of utilities industry.

Like all business-oriented companies, utility providers and transmission/ distribution system operators continuously strive to reduce their costs and to improve their innovation power regarding global changes on the energy markets strictly optimizing their business processes strictly treated as the nervous system.
Realizing customer tailored
copter processes.

Due to long time project experience on site in international workforce management projects Utility Consultants are knowing exactly the pain points of the customer being able to identify easiliy senseful translations of improvements supported by copters. We are supporting the customers in all management areas and business processes turning sustainability from current business models and running business into optimized future business models and activities.
Sustainable strategies
by breakthrough innovations.

There is hardly no comparable business sector being confronted in the recent past with such big amount of fundamental changes regarding political, legal, technical and economic parameters as the branch of utility. For that reason the management of utility providers is forced setting up sustainable strategies facing the fact leaving old comfort zones identifying the future utility world totally renewed by breakthrough innovations.